What is a 'Carbon bulb' ?

What is a 'Carbon bulb' ?

A carbon bulb is a normal filament bulb in which it’s coil is made out of carbon or covered by carbon. The 'carbon bulb' is also referred to as an 'Edison bulb' or a vintage bulb named after Thomas Edison Alva who was the first to introduce a commercially viable electric light bulb to the market in 1882. These original bulbs where made using carbon.

The carbon bulbs are easily identified by the long and complicated windings of their internal filaments, and their main advantage is the very warm-yellow glow of the light they produce.

Although much less efficient than the newer LED bulbs, the modern “Edison light bulbs” typically come in the range of 25-60 Watts and thus offer a more energy-efficient version of the original vintage bulbs. Their lifetime is usually similar to other normal filament bulbs – they last for around 1000 hours.

Another advantage of these bulbs is the fact that they fit into the standard bulb sockets used today, thus, can easily be used in any standard light fixture.

 What is a carbon bulb Edison bulb

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