The LED filament bulb

The LED filament bulb

The desire for more efficient reproductions of the carbon vintage bulbs, has led to the development of LED filament bulbs, which recreate the appearance of multiple light-emitting filaments within the glass envelope. LED filament bulbs are substantially more energy-efficient and produce less heat.

Although the LED bulb does not give that same soft warm yellow glow as the carbon bulb, it does serve as a reasonable replacement in many cases and is often used instead due to its significant energy efficient advantage. The lifetime of a LED bulb is significantly bigger than that of a carbon bulb – they typically last 10,000-30,000 hours compared to 1,000 hours of a typical carbon bulb.

The LED filament bulbs have become very popular today. They are designed to fit into the standard bulb sockets used today, thus making it easy for anyone to replace and use them in any standard light fixture.

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